Geek Bombast – Ep283 – Isn’t it Moronic?

Don’t ya think? This week, Rod and John are back to talk about a whole bunch of stuff. They both talk about the season 2 premier of Agents of Shield and also discuss Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1! Then John talks about Thor #1 and Gotham Academy….wait…isn’t that a DC Book?!


Geek Bombast – Ep282 – Rant Warning

Hold on to your butts everyone, cause John gets a little bit rant-y in this episode! He is, of course, joined by Nick and they have a lot of stuff to review! First, Nick tells you what you need to know about the movie A Walk Among The Tombstones! Then John dives headfirst into the video game D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die! After that, Nick tells you what is so important about Multiversity: Secret Society of Super-heroes #1! John then busts into rant mode when talking about Avengers #35! Nick tries to calm things down by telling you about Copperhead #1 from Image Comics. Finally, the rants pick up again as both John and Nick talk about the series premier of Gotham!


Geek Bombast – Ep281 – Marveling Comics

This week the gang has a whole bunch of news and some reviews to bring at you! Rod reviews the current run of The Punisher by Nathan Edmondson and Mitchell Gerads. Nick goes on to tell you about the current run of Ms. Marvel by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona. John then wants to talk about the first issue of the new Spider-Man event, Edge of Spider-verse #1 Spider-Man Noir!


Geek Bombast – Ep280 – Kamikaze Cat

It’s a new week! Join Rod and John as they push aside news and reviews and just focus on answering your questions! What gets asked? How do they answer? Why is there a cat throwing itself into window blinds during the show? All this and more can be found in this episode!


Geek Bombast – Ep279 – Six Years Late

It’s time for another new episode of Geek Bombast! This week Rod, talks about a SUPER SECRET BOOK that he won’t tell anyone abut until he actually reviews it. In addition to that, the gang reviews From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, Bojack Horseman, As Above, So Below, Marvel: Yellow Blue & Grey, and Death of Wolverine #1!

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