Geek Bombast – Ep288 – Some Rings Considered

With both Rod and Nick out for the Holidays, John asks Amanda to join him for an all new episode of the show. They review the new hardcover release of Saga Vol. 1, Punk Mambo #0, Wonder Woman #36, and Spider Woman #1! There may even be some wrestling talk…since some listeners requested it. NOTE: This episode was recorded before the recent WWE Survivor Series Pay-Per-View.


Geek Bombast – Ep287 – Superior

The gang is back together and they got a TON to review! Nick saw the movie Nightcrawler and reminds us all that it is NOT based on a comic book. John watched the movie Big Hero 6 and reminds us that it IS based on a comic book. Then the entire gang talks about actual comics as they review The Kitchen #1, Drifter #1, Django & Zorro #1, Superior Iron Man #1, and All New Captain America #1!


Geek Bombast – Ep286 – Interrupting Cow

This week, John and Rod are back and they have stuff to review. Well…actually, Rod has stuff to review. He wants to tell you about the book What If?, The Death of Wolverine: Life After Logan #1, Spider-Verse Team-up #1, and The Death of Wolverine: Deadpool & Captain America.


Geek Bombast – Ep285 – The Serpent Society

It’s a new week…and Rod and John are back to talk about all the HUGE Marvel movie announcements! In addition to that, they have a lot to review! They talk about Multiversity: The Just #1, Rasputin #1, Arkham Manor #1, Deathlok #1, Fury, John Wick, and the series premier of Constantine!


Geek Bombast – Ep284 – Flash Facts

It’s a new episode! Rod and John are back to talk comics and a TV show. On the comics front, they discuss Birthright #1, Batgirl #35, Wytches #1, and Axis #1! Then the get down into some talk about the new CW superhero show, The Flash!

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