Geek Bombast – Ep300 – The End

This is it. The final episode. The last one. Join Rod, Nick, and John as they talk about a whole mess of things and also answer your comments and questions. Additionally, John interviews some friends of the show for one final time. With that, we just want to say that weather you’ve been with us the entire ride, or maybe you’ve only joined us recently, thank you for listening and thank you for joining us on this wild ride.


Geek Bombast – Ep299 – One More To Go…

While not the last episode, this will be an episode that features the last of a few things. The last news section. The last of the reviews. The last time we can say that we’ll be back with another episode next week. Join Nick and John as they review Suiciders #1, Spider-Gwen #1, Thor Annual #1, and Savage Sword of Criminal!


Geek Bombast – Episode 298 – Getting Closer

Join John and Nick as they talk the news and reviews, not to mention continue to count down to the final episode. John tells you about the game Hand of Fate, while Nick regales you with his opinion on the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service! Then they get into the comics talk and discuss Multiversity: The Mastermen #1, Secret Identities #1, Silk #1, and Ei8ht #1!


Geek Bombast – Ep297 – The End is (almost) Nigh

Another week closer to the end…but that won’t stop John and Nick from bringing you a brand new episode! This week, they only have 2 things to talk about. John saw the movie Seventh Son, and he wants to tell you about it. Then they both go into a discussion about Marvel’s Star Wars: Darth Vader #1.


Geek Bombast – Ep296 – The Lambert Effect

This week the whole gang is here to talk about more stuff as we count down to our final episode! This week they talk about Sirens: Season One, The Book of Life on Blu-Ray, John Wick on Blu-Ray, the movie Whiplash, and Nameless #1! However, all that has to wait until after special discussion about the Highlander himself, Christopher Lambert.

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